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Alexandridi Tamara Minovna

(born 26.09.1924, Tomsk)

Veteran of the Virtual Computer Museum and permanent member of its scientific council.

A pioneer of the national computer science and engineering.

T.M. Alexandridi finished school in Moscow on the 21st of July 1941 (a day before the USSR entering the war) and began study at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, however, in the same July volunteered to army (she was not yet 17). As a school girl she also practiced at, then very popular, Moscow Radio Club, therefore served in the army as a radio master till the very end of the war. Three times she escaped “by miracle” from the most dangerous situations, one of them in Stalingrad. In summer of 1944 she was summoned from front to Moscow -by I.V. Stalin's personal letter- to be awarded with a present of honour - personal modern portable radio station.

Tamara Alexandridi finished her service in Berlin in 1945, and returned to Moscow to resume her university studies. In 1950 she did her diploma practical work at the Power Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. She worked there at the laboratory of electrical systems headed by academician I.S. Bruk – scientific supervisor of her diploma. There she took part in designing of the Russia's first digital electronic computer M-1.

After graduation T. Alexandridi remained at Bruk's team of young computer specialists as a radio-engineer. There she was working together with the future leading Soviet computer scientists, Nikolay Matyukhin, Mikhail Kartsev and others.

In 1951 they produced and tested experimental computer M-1 and published scientific report “Automatic digital computing machine M-1”. That was the first Soviet report on completed electronic computer. In 1952-56 she participated in development of computer M-2 and, together with Y.A. Lavrenyuk, designed electrostatic memory device on cathode ray tubes.

In 1956 she made report “Electrostatic Memory Device for M-2” at the USSR first scientific computer conference “The Ways of the Soviet Mathematic Machinery and Instrumentation Development”. A year later (in 1957) authored the book “Fast Computing Machine M-2” (at al).

Her dissertation for the “Candidate of Technical Sciences” degree (1963), “Multichannel Digital Regulators”, was supervised by famous academician V.A. Trapeznikov (USSR Academy of Sciences). It was one of the first Soviet scientific researches on the subject.

In 1967 she was appointed an assistant professor at the Moscow Institute of Road Traffic. In 1981 she founded there a chair “Automated Control Systems”. In 1985 was appointed a professor and, in 1986, the head of this chair.

In 2014 T.M. Alexandridi celebrated her 90 years jubilee. At present she is working as a professor of the chair.

In 1944 she was decorated with the order “The Great Patriotic War”.

Since 2002 bears the title “The Honored Worker of Higher School of the Russian Federation”.
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