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Egorov Gennadiy Aleksejevich

(born 31.07.1944 г. in Moscow)

Permanent member of the Virtual Computer Museum's scientific council.

Dr. G.A. Egorov is a specialist in the field of system software development and programming.

1968 – graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) as electronic engineer.

Scientific degrees: Candidate of technical sciences (1977), Doctor of technical sciences (1999).

From 1971 has been working at the (scientific research) Institute of Electronic Control Machinery, first as seniour engineer, then seniour scientist, chief of research labor, chief of department and now, since 1994, as the institute's vice director on scientific research work.

Basic subject of his scientific researches is connected with the architecture of controlling computers, computation complexes and system software development. He was among the principal creators of computing complexes SМ 1700, SМ 1702 и SМ 1425 (PDP analogues).

Dr. Egorov is also the chief mathematician of the internationally produced (East Europe) computer system SM Computers and the scientific head of the software section at the Council of the SM Computers Chief Designers.

He was the leader and participant of the USSR first, similar to UNIX, real time operational system development.

Dr. Egorov authored more than 100 scientific works, including 10 monographs, and also textbooks, course books, etc. Besides of that he has published numerous articles about the Soviet scientists as well as about the projects and development in computer engineering.

He is a member of several Dissertation Advisory Committees.

Decorated with several medals and the badge of honor “Honorable Radioexpert”.

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