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Tomilin Alexander Nikolaevich

(born 15.06.1933, Moscow)

Permanent member of the Virtual Computer Museum's scientific council.

In 1956 he graduated from the faculty “Mechanics and Mathematic” of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) with qualification “Mathematician”, and then worked at the famous computer centre – S.A. Lebedev's Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Engineering IPMCE (ИТМиВТ); the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Later he received position at the scientific research institute “DELTA” (electronics) and, after that, at the Institute of System Programming (Russian Academy of Sciences), where he started his career as a research engineer and junior scientist and finally became a department chief.

A.N. Tomilin also participated, as academician S.A. Lebedev's student and young programming assistant, in creation of the Soviet most famous (and one of the world's best, that time) high-performance computer BESM-6 (ЭВМ БЭСМ-6);1964. He mainly worked on its operational systems.

In 1969 he successfully defended dissertation, with thesis “Mathematical Modelling of the Structure and Development of Dispatcher Program” for computer BESM-6, prepared under scientific supervision of prof. L.N. Korolev (Korolev Lev Nikolaevich), and received scientific degree “Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences”.

In 1990 A.N. Tomilin was awarded degree “Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences” (with thesis subject “Operational means of Development and Control for Computing and Information Real-time Systems”).

His pedagogical career began in the early 1960s at the chair “Computing Engineering” of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Engineering (now university) and at the IPMCE.

So, now, he has more than 50 years experience of permanent work with students.

From 1970, with establishing of the faculty “Computation Mathematics and Cybernetics – CMC”, he has been teaching at the chair “Automation of the Systems of Computing Complexes” (nominated as the chair's professor in 1992).

Currently, A.N. Tomilin is one of the leading and most experienced teachers on the programming subjects at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. He authored the basic educational courses on computing and operational systems, as well as special courses on organization of computation processes with modern computing means. Number of his educational publications totals more than 50 works on programming and other software issues.

Among his courses there are, “Computing Systems”, “Operational Systems for Multicomputer Complexes”, “Operational Systems of Supercomputers”, etc., which he also delivers at the MSU and its affiliates. He permanently supervises his students' work on dissertations and diplomas.

A.N. Tomilin has also authored some scientific essays on the history of computing systems and their software.

As a scientist he participated in development of S.A. Lebedev's super-high-performance computer complex system AS-6 (АС-6) – “a giant” of its time, made specially for the space flights control centers. Later he was engaged in software development for supercomputer “Electronica SS-Bis”.

In 1969 A.N. Tomilin was awarded “The USSR State Premium”. He is decorated with honourable medal “Veteran of Labour”. In 2002 (100 years jubilee of S.A. Lebedev) he was awarded “Lebedev Premium” for his contribution to modeling of computation structures. He also authored a series of works on this subject.

Prof. A.N. Tomilin is a permanent member of some councils on scientific dissertations, and of expert councils of the Supreme Attestation Commission and of the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Researches.

He regularly participates in work of programming and organisational committees of Russian national and international conferences. Many years he is a co-chairman of the State Attestation Commission.

(Biography at the Museum: Tomilin Alexander Nikolaevich )

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