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Digital Electronic Computer 'MINSK-22'

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  1. Chief designer: V.K. Nadenenko;
  2. Engineering team (leading specialists): V.P. Kachkov, G.D. Smirnov, V.M. Lenkova, A.P. Kondratjev, M.S. Marolin,
  3. Developing organization: Special Design Bureau of G.K. Ordzhonikidze computing machines plant in Minsk. Subjected to the USSR Ministry of Radio producing industry.
  4. Manufacturing plant: Minsk, G.K. Ordzhonikidze computing machines plant. The Byelorussian Council of National Economy.
  5. Completion of design: 1964.
  6. Beginning of serial production: 1965.
  7. Completion of serial production: 1970.
  8. Field of application: Electronic computer “Minsk-22” – was widely used by various administrative organizations and industrial enterprises for administrative and business information processing.
  9. Total number of produced computers (serial production) – 953;

Description of the computer (structure, architecture, peripheral devices)

Digital electronic computer “Minsk-22” was a modified version of “Minsk-2”, with extended set of memory devices, alphanumeric data input-output devices (for punched cards) and alpha-numeric printer.

Basic components

Semiconductor components P16A (П16 А), diode-transformer valves.

Clock-rate – 250 KHz.


Analogue to computer “Minsk-2” (ЭЦВМ “Минск-2”)


Processing technology as in serial instrument manufacturing.


Autocode for engineering problems – AEP(АКИ), system for symbolic coding (SSC) with macro-facilities, COBOL-based system for data automatic processing.

Technical and operation characteristics

Specific features of the computer

The broad variety of “Minsk-22” was based on correspondingly broad set of input and output devices, processing alpha-numeric information.

Sources: (used  literature)

  1. M.S. Margolin, V.K. Nadenenko, G.D. Smirnov. Electronic computer “Minsk-22”.Minsk Vysshaja Schkola, 1967.

Translated by A. Nitussov

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