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The 360 Revolution

The book is published in English/Книга публикуется на английском языке.
IBM’s System/360 and its modern lineage succeeded beyond the imaginable dreams of the people who designed and built the introductory models. It changed the fortunes of our clients and of IBM, and to this day carries an extraordinary portion of the world’s work on its back.
This book pays tribute to those legendary accomplishments. Reliving the story of the System/360 reveals the struggle, the personalities — and the values — that helped IBM create this landmark contribution, an advance in both technology and business that, to a significant degree, reshaped IBM.

Автор: Бойер Ч.

Год издания: 2004

Тема: Из области информатики и кибернетики; Из истории развития ЭВМ

PDF или ZIP:/books/archiv/ibm36040.pdf

Объем: 1.06 Мб

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